Monster Inoue Naoya vs Micheal Dasmarinas

fight live @Sports dining bar Klass.

Date: 20th June 2021

Time: 11am local time (Sunday)

More informations call 0427654755






Klass is going to have a Bellydance show Saturday Feb,15th. Starting from 8pm-11pm. 
Entrance: Free

No table charges. 
please don't miss it. 

Rugby World Cup Japan 2019

(Japan vs Russia)

Date: 20th Sept,2019

Time : 18:00 - 23:00

Entrance: Free

Recervations call : 042-765-4755

Super Bowl live on Monday morning 8am Japanese time. 

Sports bar Klass is going to show the biggest American Football game of the year between 49ers and Chiefs

We can't wait for the half time show  with Shakira and J-Lo !

Entrance : Free

Reservations call : 042-765-4755

Coming soon 


National High School Baseball Championship (甲子園)2019

Everyday from 11:00am

Coming Soon 

Belly Dance Show

 klass is going to have a belly dance show tonight  Dec 14th (9:30pm)

Charge: Free

 Please don't miss it. 


Coming Soon 


Jazz Night (Every 1st Thursday)

 Time : 9pm-11pm

 Charge : Free


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